Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Im Zombified in "Talking Hands by Toxic Moxie."

                 I was a Zombie for Toxic Moxie's new music video " Talking Hands." It was an absolute please working with everyone, for a whole day being a zombie was amazing. I am proud to present Toxic Moxie a local RVA band rocking with great music! They also have been cover by RVA magazine (link is below). "Talking Hands" was directed and filmed by Joseph Weindl.  Enjoy!

 RVA Punk Rock Band !

All the ZOmbies !  :)   Aza Raine,  Nawrin Bond,  Mitch Kordella, Rebecca Anne Muhleman, Jack Iannis Fjerdingstad, John Michelli, Sera Stavroula, Danny Crawford, Jeff Crawford and Taschi Zorn. 

Me Zombified :)

Joseph Weindl !

 These are all of my screen shots in the Toxic Moxie: "Talking Hands".

.....And  Here is  Talking Hands by  Toxic Moxie, Directed by Joseph Weindl!

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